How Astrology can be an answer to the growing business challenges amidst COVID-19 Crisis.

The deep impact of COVID-19 on the Indian as well as on the global economy cannot be ignored. Economists, as well as astrologers, predicted this beforehand. Big guns of the business world are faced with an unusual task of keeping the ends meet and are working on contingency specific strategies to evade this unseen crisis.

Life may not be the same after this pandemic is over. The universe has to be aligned to reach out for a definite solution. Now it is our choice to take that step and solicit external guidance from the divinity.

Celebrity Astrology expert Manoj Jain has always believed in the ancient science of astrology as a precious tool for businesses to glide through these unfortunate times. With proper knowledge of astrology, experts like him have predicted accurate life events and when it comes to business strategies, he has a lot of ways to decipher the way out.

An astrologer who advises business and companies has a lot of responsibility. There is a pool of top decision-makers whose horoscopes matter and have a cumulative influence on the fortune of a company. Furthermore, the birth chart which includes the time when the business was founded and when the brand-new facility was inaugurated is fairly significant. All these events are to be analyzed and investigated to comprehend the hindrances a business is likely experiencing which makes the job of an astrologer big colossal task. It is both a science and an art to be able to use all the astrological tools at hand to guide business out of a crisis situation.

Only a skillful expert can gather humungous astrological data like this and make sense out of the data to arrive at an absolute answer. This is where professional experts like Manoj Jain amalgamate their conventional knowledge and modern astrological science to guide corporates in reaching their business aspirations. A crisis such as Covid-19 requires an expert like Manoj Jain who understands all aspects of the business to minimize further losses and chart a growth strategy once the pandemic subsides.

Here are three essential phases in which the astrological science work to help corporates sail through the business challenges.

Investigating the market conditions
Business ecology has gone haywire both at national as well as global levels caused by political and technological environmental changes which in turn has affected business sentiments from positive to negative in the present time. You have guessed it right, the unexpected calamity in the form of coronavirus pandemic has wrecked the business plans of all the companies. Be it an entrepreneurial startup or an age-old business both have been shattered due to the pandemic.

Today, expert astrologers like Manoj Jain have been using the science of astrology at both macro and micro levels to predict the future of businesses, and that’s the reason corporates spend lakhs to integrate the astrological intelligence and stay ahead of the eventualities.

The planetary positions and their relative movements have a significant impact on day to day business activities To cite an example of one such research is when Saturn and Capricorn co-exist significant changes are bound to happen.

Scanning through the sectoral bents
Once the anatomy of the business environment is understood the subsequent phase is to explore the sectoral inclinations and its growth trajectory. Here, astrology comes handy giving accurate anticipations. All businesses have their own cycle which apart from the economic conditions, is governed by astrological events. Just like an economist who predicts which sectors are on the decline and which ones would show growth based on the macroeconomic factors, an astrologer uses his knowledge and expertise for the same.

For example, a strong Saturn points to the growth of petroleum, natural gas, coal, and iron sector. Furthermore, a strong Venus in a country’s annual horoscope confers a constant growth of the entertainment and automobile sector. A robust position of Rahu bears technological innovation and advancements in business operations. Mercury on the other hand signifies a stable year for the Information Technology (IT) industry. These are the ways astrology sets forth vital clues for business to reap maximum benefits out of it.

The recent unveiling of the 20GW solar power plant has turned a lot of heads who were thinking that the time was not right to launch an ambitious project like this. Yet again astrology fascinated everyone by predicting this, way before it was all planed on the basis of India’s horoscope chart.

Drafting corporate risks and opportunities
At last, when the industrial scope and sectoral trends have been analyzed the final phase is to gauge the strength of an enterprise and its decision-makers. Astrological experts analize the birth chart of the business owner(s) starting from the financial soundness of the birth chart, vitality and endurance, and proneness to litigations. Financial strength or the wealth furnishing planets must be continuously working in the owner’s horoscopic chart for a long continuance. Simultaneously if the wealth-giving planets are accompanied by deterrent planets than the business continues with regular intricacies.

Next, astrology examines the health quotient of the owner(s) birth chart. There has been a lot of flourishing business houses that were shut due to unforeseen death or ill health of the owner. Astrology is a perfect solution to plan ahead of time especially start-ups which are the most individual-centric businesses.

Another essential variable is the proneness to unnecessary legalities. A professional astrologer can play a vital role in anticipating the time and date when potential litigations can snowball into a significant crisis and guide accordingly.
So to plan beforehand and tackle the unexpected crisis, a proficient astrologer who has a comprehensive approach and who also combines Vastu shastra and other occult sciences to prescribe a proper guideline is a must in times like now.

Highly acclaimed celebrity astrologer and Vastu expert Manoj Jain has been helping huge business houses from the last 26 years. He thinks COVID19 is going to leave a scar on the face of all the economies, big or small… It is an astrologer who can act as a third eye on the journey to replenish and make an impact in the business world.