The Different Stages of life that We Go Through

The Different Stages of life that We Go Through


Mr. Manoj Jain sees life with a very different perspective. And he has a very keen observation. With his observation, he has figured that there are mainly 4 stages of life that we go through. and the first one is…

Seeing and Learning

When we are born, we honestly are of no use. We are totally dependant on others for everything. As vulnerable little children, we see others and learn things. First, we learn basic things like walking and talking.

And this is the way of life, we learn things from seeing and observing. And if we stopped learning we are no better than a baby that is totally dependant on others.

It is later in life when we start to understand society and adjust according to it. And the goal of this stage is to learn the working of the society as a whole so that we can be accepted by it. It is the people in our lives that teach the ways we need to act to be a part of civilization.

Discovering Ourselves

In stage one we understand the working of society and how can we be a part of it. But in the second stage, we learn more about ourselves. We discover how are we different from the world that is around us and how we stand out among others. This is the stage where we realize our boundaries and limitations. This is very important for a person as it helps us be self-aware.

Being Responsible

We spend the first two stages of our lives carefree. But as we come into adulthood some powers we also get some responsibility. This is the stage that prepares us for the rest of our lives. We can not spend our lives as teenagers. That is why this stage is so important as it teaches us to commit to our duties. This is a stage in life where we can either make our future or break our future. And this is because many people get distracted in life when they come to this stage. You should always be focused and set goals according to your caliper.


After going through 50 years of their life, people reach this stage. They have worked hard in life to reach a point just to provide for their families and the generations to come.
The goal of this stage is to leave a legacy for the generations to come after your death, as a legacy is the one thing people remember you even after your death.

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