Say "Namaskar", the next time you meet someone

Say “Namaskar”, the next time you meet someone || Manoj Jain


Namaskar is the word that we Indians use to say hello and greet one another. Most properly, this is done by joining your hands and keeping them close to your chest, and bowing a little.

The problem is that we as Indians are forgetting all the cultural practices that were handed down to us with time. We don’t use the word Namaskar anymore because we think that the word is outdated. Even when the tourists come here from the west, they greet us with a happy Namaskar. So why don’t we wish one another with Namaskar and a smile?

Mr. Manoj Jain, the Best Astrologer in Delhi believes that when we meet someone we should greet them by saying Namaskar. Because if you meet a person with a negative attitude, the negative vibes of the person can transfer to you through the touch.Another reason you should say Namaskar is that it is an ancient practice that has been with us for many years and according to the Best Astrologer in Delhi, this practice shouldn’t just be forgotten by us. There are many advantages also involved with the use of Namaskar. By greeting an elder in this fashion, you are paying a courtesy by the act of greeting them. This helps us boost positivity in life with the help of gaining humility, remission of ego, and a heading a step towards gratitude.

Our body absorbs the energy that is around us and this eventually leads to affect our thinking. The Best Astrologer in Delhi says that through this practice we can slowly change and make ourselves a positive person. Which leads us to become a better human. This also helps us in distinguishing the path of good and evil, so that we always walk the correct path.

It is a highly symbolic gesture when we bring our hands together for greeting someone Namaskar. Tradition tells us that our right-hand defines the higher aspect of life and the left-hand defines the lower. And by joining both the hands together we unite the two aspects and also try to connect with the person that is next to us. And it is known that bowing a little is a universal sign of respect.

Hence it won’t be wrong to say that Namaskar is not just a casual greeting. And don’t forget to say Namaskar to the next person you see after reading this.